Rob Murrer


This project was born out of the desire to stream local content recorded over-the-air via my HD Homerun to my Roku devices in my home. There are a large number of components to this system and It was very interesting how they all could work together. It is an ongoing project and still requires some serious work, but it does work and my wife and I use it daily.

The project includes several pieces:

  • Ubuntu Linux Server
  • MythTV Backend for scheduling and recording of over the air TV
  • HandBrakeCLI for transcoding file to work on the Roku player
  • Django based local web application that keeps track of files for the Roku devices and serves XML data
  • Python script that exports metadata from MythTV and injects them into the Django application
  • Roku application written in Brightscript for selecting and viewing videos


Server Closet

"Server Closet"

No house is complete without a server closet right?

Roku Channel

Roku Icon


The bulk of this project is boiler plate code from the Roku SDK. The backend uses the Django Admin to add cover photos. The following script was the most labor intensive.

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